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Posted on January 17, 2023

PRINCE GEORGE – Exploring Prince George’s culinary scene just got sweeter.
Tourism Prince George has partnered with various restaurants and cafes for the
first annual, Bevies + Bites.
This new initiative encourages people to visit participating establishments, who
have paired a food and drink together for an appetizing price point.
“The Bevies and Bites campaign is a really great way for local restaurants or
cafes to showcase their specialties, while giving residents and visitors an
opportunity to try a new eatery and take advantage of discounted pairings,”
explained Tourism Prince George CEO Colin Carson.
Bevies + Bites will be available from January 16 to February 6 at these
participating places, and conveniently falls around upcoming events such as
Kiwanis Ale Fest (Jan. 27-28) and Coldsnap (Jan. 27 – Feb. 3).
“Pairing this campaign around other city events creates a synergy that helps
drive participation and enthusiasm. It also creates unique opportunities to
experience Prince George’s bustling arts, culture and food scene,” Carson
There is no cost for restaurants or cafes to participate and be featured on TPG’s
Bevies + Bites list. Those who wish to be added, can email