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Enrich and wrinkle your brain with biweekly Trivia @ Nancy O’s!
With three rounds per game, each round has 5 themed questions and 5 music questions. What’s the theme? Good question! The themes change every game to keep it interesting and the hosts take theme requests at the end for future games. Got niche knowledge about birds or animal tracks? How about borders and countries? Watch a fair share of tv or movies? Dabble in S.T.E.M ? Can you spell “convenience” without your phone?
Chances are there’s something for everyone, maybe not during every game- but thats life! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!
& speaking of winners and losers…
The winning team of trivia each night gets eternal glory ( obviously), a custom Nancy O’s Trivia Trophy ( curated by the hosts), a round of drinks and their team photo on the wall for two weeks before going into our ” Winners Book” ( located on the bookshelf by the bar).
oh, full disclaimer- any teams caught using their phones during the game will be marked as cheaters and will be publicly called out with a good old fashioned shaming. Like, where we all point and chant shame over and over- it’s wholesome fun!


Feb 28 2024


9:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Nancy O's
1261 3rd Ave, Prince George
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