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NYE 2023 Transformational Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Immersion & Connection Experience

Join Sandra Payne & Carolyn Manhas for a sober 3 hour experience of reflection, release, connection, and expansion as we leave 2023 behind us and step into the new year with empowered clarity. ✨A Powerful Experience You Don’t Want to Miss!
More Details:
What is Transformational Breathwork?
Transformational Breathwork uses the power of an activated breath sequence, inspirational coaching & guidance, hands on healing & support, and meticulously curated musical playlists to allow you to go deep within yourself to find release and the bliss of pure presence and freedom.
It holds the capacity to empower you to free yourself from the shackles and
chains of your past and the destructive critical stories of your mind so that you can cultivate a deep sense of acceptance with life as it is and feel more capable of creating the life you ultimately desire.
During the journey we use a conscious connected breath sequence that activates the sympathetic nervous system inducing a flow state of being that allows for a profoundly cathartic and clarifying experience to take place.
What is Ecstatic Dance?
Ecstatic dance is potent, powerful and deeply healing. When you surrender to the potential and wisdom of the body, while releasing inhibitions, expectations and stress, all is felt, acknowledged and transformed.
Like life, this practice is a dance between movement and stillness, sound and silence, inhale and exhale. In ecstatic dance, the music is specifically chosen to take you on a journey to liberate your creative life force and raise your vibration. We dance individually and collectively and in that, we put the unity back into our community!
Ecstatic dance is both the perfect outlet for those who have been conditioned to believe that they “can’t dance” and a luscious playground for experienced movers who are craving a sober space to creatively express themselves.
Ultimately it is a gathering where intuition, body, and music are the guides and through them, the dancers find freedom and connection.
About Us:
Sandra Payne
Sandra Payne is an ex-Registered Nurse turned Master Certified Trauma Informed Holistic Wellness Coach. Through awakening from her own shame trauma and depression she found herself uniquely positioned to support others through their own inner transformation. Unwinding the generations of conditioning became her life’s work and integrating holistic approaches into this process was essential. Proud owner of The Lighthouse Holistic Healing, within which Sandra provides a safe container of guidance and facilitation integrating a dynamic approach to mental and emotional wellness that includes mindfulness, meditation, somatic exploration, kundalini awakening yoga, aroma freedom, reiki healing, and transformational breathwork.
Carolyn Manhas
Carolyn Manhas is a RYT 500 yoga teacher and has been leading yogi’s of all levels for 18 + years and as an ecstatic dance facilitator she has been hosting transformational dance events in the Prince George community for 10+ years. She is a lover of ancient practices revived. For time millennia, our ancestors danced barefoot, wild and free around sacred fires. Through ecstatic dance that same fiery movement is ignited on the dancefloor. Carolyn loves holding space for others to connect within and express themselves freely through the medium of their own authentic, intuitive dance.
If you wish to pay with cash or e-transfer, please contact us directly to purchase your ticket.


Dec 31 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Sunset Studio
1717 3rd Ave, Prince George
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