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Masterless Apprentice Book Launch

T. Neil Thomas will be launching his novel, The Masterless Apprentice. He would love to discuss how fantasy novels are created, how genre has grown in recent years, and his enthusiasm for fantasy and science fiction.
In this, his first novel, the author takes you on a Fantasy romp through a new world of daggers, dangers and dark arts. Tinariwen of Astinda is a necromancer’s apprentice who has been trapped in a glass ball for three hundred years. What do you do with all that time on your hands? You grow big… and you practice your magic. Upon his release, the apprentice faces a hostile new world, one where necromancy is outlawed. Seven feet tall, with claws and fangs, Tin quickly gets attention. Unfortunately, it is the attention of the Assassin’s Guild!


Nov 17 2023


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Books & Company
1685 3rd Avenue
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