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Friday Night Magic Standard/Seal

Every Friday night comes with Friday Night Magic!
Here’s how we do FNM in a way that will help you expand your collection!
Every Friday evening at 6:00 (except for the last one of the month, which we will get into), get together in the store for a free Magic tournament featuring the Standard format. Standard is typically the most accessible format, seeing as it only uses the most recent Magic sets. Everyone that participates will win exclusive promo cards that will provide a stepping stone to get your collection going.
Then, on the last Friday of every month, Friday Night Magic will be sealed deck format, using whatever set is the most recent. In a sealed tournament, players receive 6 packs per person, and then tear into them to create a 40 card deck to fight other players with! You’ll also receive promos at this event. Between the packs you get to open, and all the promos you get, these events especially will help turbo-boost your collection!
The best part, if you made it to every Standard FNM that month, you will have the entry fee to the sealed event, which is typically $40, cut in half!
Get your bags packed, and head on down to Friday Night Magic!
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Jul 26 2024


6:00 pm

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3 Goblins Games
#200-356 George St
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