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Crazy Ace Saturday at The Legion

Every Saturday night is Crazy Ace  night at Legion 43.

Entry is free to members, each membership must be current and in good standing. Cards will be checked when entering draw.

Sign up will be done during Saturday meat draw.  Deadline for entry is 6:00 pm and the draw will be held at 7:00 pm. Winner must be in the building, if not it is over, until the following week.

A new deck of 52 cards will be opened for the first draw, each week Branch 43 will add $50.00 to the prize

To win, one name will be drawn from the barrel. The member whose name is drawn  will then choose one card from the deck, if not the Ace of Spades it will be destroyed, leaving 51 cards for the following week, and so on. The destroyed cards and the remaining cards will be kept until the Ace of Spades is drawn. If this happens on week 1 the winner will receive $50.00, if it happens on the 52nd draw, the winner will receive $2600.00.

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