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Commander Masters Launch Party Booster Draft

What’s better than a Booster Draft, AND better than Commander? A Commander Booster Draft PARTY!
Commander Booster Drafts are unique in that you draft TWO cards at a time, may play as many of the same copy of a card in your deck as you’d like, and special for Commander Masters Booster Drafts, every mono-coloured legendary has the Partner ability! It’s also a unique format in that play takes place in pods instead of 1v1.
Sign up as soon as you can using the Companion code: QG6MM55 as there are only 16 seats!
Sunday August 6th at noon
$65 per person
Prizing in Commander Masters boosters!


Aug 06 2023


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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3 Goblins Games
#200-356 George St
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