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C.A.R.E. Sharing Circle with special guest Keilani Rose

Sharing Circle Topic:
We are honoured to have Keilani Rose (award-winning filmmaker, rapidly rising DJ, and classically & culturally trained dancer) join us as our guest speaker on October 22, 2023 as part of Dak’et, Shun Inli (Music in the Fall) at 2:00pm PDT
Attend in Person – Knox Performance Centre, 1448 5th Ave, Prince George, BC (Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure programming can commence promptly at 2:00pm PDT)
“I was born and raised in Lheidli T’enneh territory. Along my matrilineal roots, I belong to the Lheidli T’enneh nation (The People Where the Two Rivers Flow Together) and hold the intersectional Indigeneity with Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawai’ian) diaspora. I also carry British settler, Chinese immigrant, and Black ancestry. I am the great-granddaughter of Captain Owen Forrester Browne and a direct descendent of beloved Granny Seymour, The Matriarch of the North. It is the legacy of my ancestors, the courage of Polynesian wayfinders and the heart of Dakelh healers, that lead me on my path. I am the oldest of three siblings raised by a single mother. In resonance with the values of our mixed Indigenous heritage, she has nurtured our natural gifts and encouraged us to become the artists, storytellers, dancers, musicians, and change-makers we are today. Following this sacred path of creativity has led me through immense healing and has guided me to reconnection with my Lheidli family and culture. My work in the film industry as a writer and actor is inspired by the hope to honour the diverse voices of my BIPOC community, striving for greater representation, sovereign stories and Indigenous justice. In recognition of the responsibility that accompanies the privilege of being an able-bodied, cisgendered woman, I stand in allyship and solidarity with the disabled and 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities through my ever-improving work towards inclusivity. My more wholesome understanding of my complex, layered identity and Indigeneity began forming as a result of my pursuit for truth in my early adult years. My story is a story of reclamation. I share this in transparency and respect as one who is returning home with deep reverence for honesty, relational accountability and cultural safety.“
Rose made her film debut starring in and choreographing, Within the Silence, (written & directed by Jade Tailor) which garnered the Festival de Cannes (2021) awards for Best Fantasy and Best Choreography. Along with features on Skymed (CBC/Paramount+), and Shoresy (Crave/Hulu), she also leads in Cody Kearsley’s (Persephone Pictures), Breathe.
Keilani is the founder and executive director of TWO RIVERS & A ROSE FILMWORKS, her production company dedicated to reclaiming space for Indigenous voices in Hollywood and mainstream media and amplifying sovereign storytelling. The company’s creative debut featured an Ohana collaboration with Rose’s younger sibling, singer & songwriter, KeAloha for her music videos, Mama’s Hands and Mahina.
​An artist with true ingenuity for evolution, Rose explored beyond her dance roots and fell in love with the craft of the turntables. She borrowed a pair of Technics from her kuya, DJ Relik, set up shop on the dining table, and quickly became addicted to collecting vinyl. Now, lighting up frequencies throughout Los Angeles, Tulum, London, Vancouver and Miami, her signature sets weave stories of resilience and themes of joy, and love through the music she curates. Keilani’s diversity in genre and style is limitless. Sought after by brands such as Versace, Marc Jacobs, Topshop, and Sephora, the announcement of her first exclusive music releases and partnerships are anticipated with much excitement this 2023.
Since her performing arts career launched into prominence, this accomplished creative has impacted global audiences with versatility transcending triple threat status. Portraying iconic characters on hit shows and major networks including DISNEY, FOX, NETFLIX and ABC, while also lending her musical talents in the live arena to collaborators ranging from the Vancouver Canucks to Tegan & Sara; Rose has a relentlessly expansive repertoire in film, television and music; and continues to deliver performances driven by a mission to unify and elevate.
Unstoppable – even in the face of a global pandemic and after surviving a nearly fatal shooting in the streets of Hollywood; Keilani immersed herself in writing, creating, developing and producing; emerging with a collection of original works. Proving she was indeed born to rise.
When she’s not behind the camera, she dedicates her efforts towards a climate justice/Indigenous justice campaign, LHEIDLITOO (Two Rivers Water); working in partnership with Autumn Peltier’s team advocating for the protection and reclamation of our Sacred Waters.
Attendance is Free and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us! (Participation is optional, you can just listen to this event if you prefer).
You will receive the Zoom details to participate after you register. The Sharing Circle opens at 1:55 p.m PDT
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Oct 22 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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The Knox Performance Centre
1448 5th Avenue


Coldsnap Music Festival
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