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Alternate Win-Con Commander Tournament

Time to challenge your deck-building skills!
What’s better then winning the game? Winning the game in a completely unconventional fashion!
To clarify a bunch of things right off the bat, here is the FAQ:
1) Q: For the purpose of this tournament, what is considered an alternate win condition?
A: Although mill, poison counters, and commander damage are all sort of seen as alternate win conditions, this tournament is card based effects only. Or in other words, only the following comprehensive rules remains gospel:
104.2b An effect may state that a player wins the game.
104.3e An effect may state that a player loses the game.
2) Q: So if I don’t lose the game if I have no cards in my library, what happens instead?
A: If your library is empty, then you can’t draw any cards. But hey, at least you aren’t dead!
3) Q: If commander damage doesn’t win the game, what happens instead?
A: You can take infinite amounts of commander damage! Yay! The same goes for poison counters. Those won’t kill you either. Feel free to take as much infect damage as you would like.
4) Q: If I can’t die to damage, what happens instead?
A: If an opponent would cause you to take an amount of damage (or lose life) that would take you down to 0, you go to 1 instead. However, if an effect of one of your own cards would take you down to 0 (cracking a fetchland for example) you will die. That’s what happens when you are a silly billy.
5) Q: What does the ban list look like for this event?
A: The regular ban list for Commander is in effect. However! For the purpose of this tournament, there are a bunch of fun, regularly non-tournament legal cards that we are going to make legal! Those are the following:
– As Luck Would Have It
– Baron Von Count
– The Cheese Stands Alone
– Now I Know My ABC’s
– Form of the Approach of the Second Sun
– Topdeck the Halls
– Ersta, Friend to All
– The Cinematic Phoenix
The following card(s), although regularly legal in Commander, will be BANNED for this tournament:
– Thassa’s Oracle
6) Q: Can I use proxies?
A: No. If you are missing cards, consider that another challenge to your deck building creativity!
We are fairly sure that there will be even more added to the FAQ as more questions come up, so make sure to check back every now and then leading up to the tournament.
Saturday January 27th, 2024, 1:00, $5 a player
There will be door prizes, as well as prizing for favourite deck, and favourite opponent!
Happy deck-building everyone!


Jan 27 2024


1:00 pm

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3 Goblins Games
#200-356 George St
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