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Our Organization

Downtown Prince George (Prince George Downtown Business Improvement Association) is a non-profit society that serves all the property owners and all the businesses/tenants in the C1 Zone of Prince George. Every property owner and business in the downtown is entitled to a membership with our organization.

The organization exists through a municipal bylaw. The current 7-Year bylaw expires March 31, 2025. The organization is funded through a special, property-tax levy bylaw paid by all downtown property owners. These costs are generally passed on to businesses (renters) via rental rates and/or triple net leases. These funds are leveraged to access sponsorships, grants and revenue generating programs/events all aimed at improving and promoting downtown.

Downtown Prince George is a non-profit association with a Board of Directors made up of property and business owners.  A full time Executive Director is supported by part-time, contract and limited duration staff members who execute events, programs, services and promotions.  

Our Focus

Downtown Prince George is funded by and exists to serve its members – the downtown (C1 Zone) business and property owners. Our goal is to create a downtown Prince George that is vibrant, safe, and attractive to citizens, businesses, and visitors. We do this through advocacy and partnerships that focus on events, promotions, beautification, and business development initiatives. 

Our levy funding allows us to ensure a solid operation and the ability to leverage funding to contribute to these priority areas.  Over the last five years Downtown Prince George has received an additional $1,275,000.00 dollars in grants, sponsorships and in-kind contributions towards our programs and services. This means that we are generating an additional dollar for every dollar that comes from our property and business owners.

Our Vision

To support and grow the economic vitality and energy of Prince George’s downtown. 

Our Mission

Through advocacy, partnerships, commitment and collaboration with members, the community and the municipality we will work together to improve and promote downtown.

Our Goals