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How To Report Graffiti and Biohazard

If you require any removal services please use one of the following methods to report or request services:

3 Ways to report a problem or make a service request:                                      

  1. Call 311
  2. Email 311@princegeorge.ca
  3. Use the cityofpg mobile app*

*Go to the City of PG website to learn how to download the cityofpg mobile app to report any graffiti and biohazards.

  • Once you have created your account on the APP the rest is EASY…
    • Simply stand beside the issue to drop a pin on the map to give us the exact location of the issue.
    • You can also attach a picture, video or audio recording.

If you have any further questions about these programs or how to request services please contact the Downtown Prince George office at 250-614-1330 or email info@downtownpg.com