Graffiti Removal

Help us help you create a Graffiti-Free Downtown!


In partnership with the City of PG, Enhance PG and Groundwork PG, we have a program that will fully fund paint, supplies and labour to cover up any graffiti on your building. All you have to do is let us know about it!

Graffiti is Vandalism – Not Art!

Graffiti markings suggest that a neighborhood is unsafe, does not care or cannot cope with the problem. Studies have shown that when graffiti markings are left unattended for as little as one week there is almost a 100% chance that additional graffiti markings will be placed at the original site or in the nearby community.

When left unattended, graffiti may contribute to an escalation to more serious vandalism and other crimes in the community. Graffiti plays a role in increased resident anxiety and the economic decline of neighbourhoods.

How you can take action:

Do not ignore any graffiti in our downtown! Fast action increases the chance for complete removal and decreases the possibility of vandals “adding” on. If you see graffiti, let us know!

CALL the Downtown PG office at (250) 614-1330
EMAIL a picture (with location) to
PRINT the graffiti form and either email to or drop it off at the Downtown PG office at 1406 2nd Ave.

For more information on the city-wide Graffiti Free PG program, Enhance PG, GroundWork PG and the municipal Graffiti Bylaw, please download the Graffiti Program Brochure or visit Graffiti Free PG